Thursday, April 01, 2010

Settling in

Just a few kinks along the moving road - like a cat who went missing and was nowhere to be found - but has now been found. Way too much stuff and way too little time to do it all

The movers were fabulous - Avenue Moving - for anyone contemplating doing something crazy like selling their house and moving to Stratford (or anywhere else for that matter). The packed and hauled and shoved and grunted and managed to get my huge old butternut/tiger maple dresser up to the 2nd floor and my hugely heavy oak couch (also a queen sized bed so imagine how heavy that was!) into the living room

House is still full of boxes of course but a semblance of normality is returning.

Saw a rabbit run across the street this morning! Saw some raptors circling overhead the other day (5 of them). Can see stars! Can see blue sky right down to the horizon!

Boy did I do the right thing!

Now all that has to happen is for the Toronto house to close smoothly today and all will be right with my world

Oh and practically everyone I have met so far in the neighbourhood is from Toronto!

Kids are coming down on Sunday for a visit and to go and see the Swan March - pipers lead the swans back onto the Avon River from their winter home. What a great town this is!


At 5:44 p.m., Anonymous Josee said...

What a change, from big city lights to stars and skies... Glad to hear the move went (relatively) well and wishing you the smoothest settling into your new home.

At 10:18 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great move for you. I'm sure you will be inspired by every corner of the new house and neighbourhood. Enjoy!


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