Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Almost a living room

The first room I have tackled and tried to clear out is the living room dining room combination. It is long and narrow (27ft long by I think 16ft wide) and until yesterday was mostly full of boxes of books.

With my DD and DSs assistance it is now mostly cleared out

I am swatching paint samples so the walls are looking rather pock marked - blue but which blue, green but which green, yellow but which yellow. The paint store people are beginning to dread my arrival with another quest for the perfect colour

Canadian Tire has acquired a fair bit of my money as well - baby gate for the dog yesterday plus some stools, an ironing board and an iron, recycling bins x 3 (sorry Stratford but more people would recycle if we didn't have to sort things into so many different categories! - corrugated, cardboard, paper, plastic and tins ). The easier it is for people to recycle - the more they do it . Its a FACT!

Off to my knitting group - mine cuz I live here now


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