Monday, January 16, 2006

More done!

My house is bigger!

Well, not really but it sure feels bigger. My niece and nephew just bought their 1st house and it is fabulous but needs furniture. My house is crammed to the rafters with furniture and 2 pianos (why the heck does she have 2 pianos when she doesn't even play the piano - more about that later) . Lindsay and Brett took 1 piano (oak, from the 30s and a Canadian maker named "Ennis") and the dining room wuite (oak again - table (5 feet long with 2 18 inch extensions) and 7 chairs) and now I have room room room!

So off to Home Depot to choose paint colours for my long empty wall that right now is yellow - and definitely needs to change. I am going for a cool blue with a cool white trim this time - my house is so dark that I want to lighten it up. I always have trouble choosing paint colours - not sure why since it is such an easy thing to change - $35.00 and a roller and it can change completely.

The paint chips are taped to the wall now and I think I have made my choice. Will paint next weekend and then start moving things around. Fun!

Projects on the weekend:

Finished a scarf in Hand Maiden Sea Silk (Silk and Seacell or Kelp) in a prettily geometric lace from Jackie Erickson Schweitzer

And I finished the body of my Noro Entrelac sweater in Kureyon 156. Now on to the sleeves (about 6 inches done so far)

A good knitting weekend

Have a great week all


At 2:06 p.m., Anonymous Deb said...

Hey Robyn! I am making the same entrelac sweater- but from Noro Silk Garden 211A. Very beautiful stuff. BUT- I am thinking of changing the neck somehow- are you knitting yours as the pattern says, or are you "adjusting"????

At 5:14 p.m., Blogger Robyn - Red Bird Knits said...

Hi Deb,

It hink I wil change the neck - - perhaps make it a T-neck - will ahve to see how big the opening is first. I usually wear a Tneck under sweaters anyway so I many not have to

Robyn - Red Bird


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