Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking forward

I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of Montana (Gowrielea's Bear Tooth) aka Tanner and looking ahead to a stretch of sleepless nights - broken sleep nights anyway as the new baby adjusts to having just 2 adults ( and 5 cats) as his family instead of 7 dogs including his mother, 6 puppies, 2 adults and a cat.

I am looking forward to walking him in this neighbourhood and soon walking him along the Avon River in Stratford.

I am looking forward to taking him to Stratford's dog park and letting him run like the wind

I am looking forward to taking him to Lake Huron to run along the beach and discover his retriever self

I am looking forward to his companionship and wagging tail. I've missed that since losing Arthur (Cooke City Montana) (see the connection?)

Arthur's father was owned by the same breeder that we are adopting Montana from so they are cousins of a sort and although not the same line, they have common ancestors. Cool!

I am not looking forward to packing and clearing out the house though!


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