Thursday, January 26, 2006

Heart pounding yarn!

Met my Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden rep (the wonderful Julia) today to place my Spring order (actually my 2nd Spring order). This stuff is the most heart pounding yarn I have ever seen. More of the newish Sea Silk which I have now ordered 3 times and each lot just keeps getting better - sheen, drape and total gorgeosity are only part of this eye candy.

New Wool and Silk - which is now named Silk Maiden. I have a sample in Dragonfly ( fuchsia, green, blue , pink - wow) and want to eat it it is so lovely. It is going to make some gorgeous scarves and with the wool in it will be light and have some spring to it.

I ordered way too much - as I always do - but most of it will not come until April so I will have it for the Downtown Knit Collective's Frolic (April 22nd at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre again).

Spent some time working out samples of a couple of sock designs. One is a fair isle that I have swatched in 2 different yarns of different sizes and am now doing in fingering weight. This one I like best and have settled on the number of stitches for the pattern so all that is left to do is finish the sample. The charts are already done since I was having trouble seeing my pencilled versions and did them up in excel - much easier to read now and much less getting lost!

The other one still needs some refinement. It is entrelac and I have started it 3 times now, reached the heel twice, knitted half of the foot once and ripped back to the heel and am still not happy with the transition from the basketweave of the entrelac to the plain foot (it is a clog sock so a plain foot seems the best for comfort). Not quite back to the drawing board but back to the heel again. The yarn is standing up rather well considering the punishment it has been getting (Meilenweit Tweed).

Sometimes the designs flow and sometimes they don't!

The weekend will be dedicated to finishing up my last project for the OHS Spinning course. A little carding and a lot of spinning

And it is my son's 23rd Birthday on Sunday. Happy Birthday Christopher!

Have a great weekend


At 8:04 a.m., Anonymous Deb said...

STILL amazed you have a 23 year old son!!!!!!!


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