Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saying good bye to one laptop and hello to the new

My dear friend Ainslie (Hi Ainslie!),

has been longing for a blog post so here goes.

My old laptop which is a giant and acquired in a misguided quest to replace my desktop is leaving me tomorrow and will be replaced by a smaller, more compact version (Dell Vostro 1510 - Vostro because it still ships with Windows XP - and who ever thought that Windows XP would be more desirable when its first buggy version arrived on the scene but don't get me started on Vista......)

Very excited!

I just had a small deck put on the back of the house - just big enough for a few pots of plants and a chair for me to sit and have my morning coffee with Arthur (Golden Retriever) at my feet.

I can see these from my deck:


and these will soon be open and happily playing with the clematis:


Puddles approves!


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