Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It isn't that I

haven't been knitting - because I have!

Woodland shawl - a sample for the Frolic (April 26th)

Yarn is Mega Boots Stretch and the pattern can be found through Ravelry:

Another sample - Landscape Scarf (Fiber Trends) in Hand Maiden Flaxen:

And for me:

Rowan 43 - Delve - in Estelle 100% Silk - now discontinued but the same yarn is available from Elann

and another sample - this is a new Hemp yarn from HempforKnitting - AllHemp6Lux is a very high quality hemp with a gorgeous lustre - I dont' have it yet but I have ordered it. The colours are wonderful (Fiber Trends Landscape Scarf again)

Arthur has pretty much completely recovered from his pneumonia - that was quite a scare - he was SO sick!

Cats are well too.

Go knit!


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