Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend knitting

Major snow storm this weekend so lots of knitting was done!

Fetching in Bliss Cotton Angora is finished. Ended up knitting 3 of them as the 1st was too loose

These are for my daughter:

And I finished Bubbles (free pattern from Berrocco). Yarn is Noro Silk Garden and the result is pretty pretty. This is for Irene my violin playing friend

Saw something like this some where - can't remember where and so thought I would try one. I intend to make it large enough to be either a neck warmer or to pull up over the ears and on the head to stay warm in this reportedly to be longer and harsher that the previous 2 years. It is pretty much just alternating sections of stocking and reversed stocking stitch - 5 rounds of each

It is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed used double - and I think it might be too heavy or knit at too tight a gauge but as this is an experiment I will keep going. And I plan on a pair of Fetching in this yarn too

And today's door cam. Please note the snow on top of the table. This is a lot for us this early and about as much in one day as the total for each of the last 2 winters. I was still sitting outside drinking coffee this time last year! Christmas Eve morning I sat on the porch in a sweater with my morning coffee. Not this year methinks!


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