Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm on Ravelry!

Actually I have been on Ravelry since August 19th but only just got some things done on it. User name is RobynRedBird

The list of projects is going to be frighteningly long and the list of queued projects grows day by day - anemoi mittens, Cromarty (Starmore), Rona (Starmore) a pair of Kate Gilbert mittens and then there are the Noni bags that I just picked up patterns for that aren't even on the list yet

Oh for a 48 hour day and a snow storm to keep me in and knitting - oh wait - we are supposed to be getting a snow storm that will keep me in and knitting - oh joy

And I have new floors!

And no furniture!

But I do have my Eddie Bauer camp chair and my TV + PVR and my lovely roll of knitting needles and a whole lotta yarn in stash- but most of my books and patterns are in the POD that has another few days before it comes home - the floors have to mellow out a bit first of course

The catties like skidding across the bare floor - I hate to spoil their fun but I also hate to spoil the new finish.

Finished the second in a pair of socks today and added the cuff to the first of another pair. Knitting has resumed

Normality to follow (well .... sort of normality!)


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