Monday, November 05, 2007

More carnage

Corner of the front hall that used to be a small and very nearly useless closet. The stained glass widow on the left is staying and the door on the right leads into the kitchen. I might eventually schange that door and put in one with glass - later - much later...

Back to the bedroom and the closet that will soon be a door (and my favourite new toy - a shop vac - beats my Dyson for sucking power by a million miles - cheaper too - but rather large...)

The ceiling in my new room - and that is the roof. To vault or not to vault - that is the question

On the left is the outside wall without its furring strips and on the right is the back side of the bathroom wall

And back to the front hall - this used to be a wall with a 32inch door in it. Now wide open spaces

Did get some knitting done yesterday and have a half finished November sock of the month done. I'll post it soon.


At 9:02 a.m., Anonymous Pat S. said...

Many of these pics have a familiar look to me (the proud owner of a 150-year-old Greek Revival Victorian house which requires pretty much all the same work as yours!) I love the updates and am living vicariously through you. It's fascinating. Bravo Robyn!


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