Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rhinebeck - Day 1

We came, we saw, we bought and we had a good time.

Arrived just after 8 this morning and had the place largely to ourselves for about 30 minutes. Saw a lot more naturally dyed yarns and rovings and placed to get natural dye materials. Very excited to see this as I am dying to dye with natural dyes

I didn't buy a wool runner from Mexico in the most beautiful shades of reds and greens ($650.00) or actually very much. Probably do more tomorrow but wanted a chance to look around and get a feel for the show.

I did buy some Mountain Colors Bearfoot - a red and a teal and some madder dyed roving.

There is a much higher ratio of vendors to sheep than at Maryland - the sheep are in 1 and a 1/2 barns here although there were lots of Blue Faced Leicesters - the featured breed at the NYS-S&W.

Spotted Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in her Kauni Cardigan and also several gorgeous shawls - a red one, a green one and a very pretty Charlotte's Web. It was pretty warm for anything heavier.

I will post some pictures later - blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate this evening


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