Friday, October 05, 2007

Plugging along

Oh that is such a bad pun.... and so much fun when there is an electrician in the house upgrading all the plugs...

I am amused by small things and proud of it!

Forgive my bloglessness, I bin bizzy! Well not me exactly but getting it all organized took so much more time that I would have every thought. And the guys who didn't even bother to call back - now that's just rude....

Progress to date:

All asbestos wrapping the hot water heating system pipes - GONE
Ancient cast iron boiler that was once fueled by coal - GONE - they had to cut it into 4 pieces to make it light enough to carry out
Big old ugly cast oil tanks that took up way too much room - GONE
Knob and tube wiring and groundless plugs - almost GONE
Botched eavestroughs that dumped water everywhere but into the down spout - FIXED

Still to come:

New furnace/boiler (a really really small one that will also supply hot water to the house) NEXT WEEK!
Gas line to fire up the boiler - 4 more weeks - keep your fingers crossed for warm weather for me PLEASE
Repairs (long needed) to a couple of my walls which sport their original plaster and lath from the 30s when this little house was built - some of which - the plaster that is - has landed in big chunks on the floor - SOON

Knitting progress?

Kaffe Fassett Mirage sock in earth - DONE

Started a baby sweater from Interweave Holiday Gifts mag - a little wrap cardi in the lovely dragon scale pattern - almost done 1 fron after 1 session. These little projects are great fun

Oh and the most delightful thing from today? There is a plug in our bathroom now! Any one else out there not have a plug in the bathroom. How did I love without it!!!


At 12:05 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like very satisfactory progress, but I'm guessing it may have been rough up to now.

At 3:57 p.m., Anonymous Josee said...

Wow! that's alot of work and still more to go... hang in there! It'll feel so good once it's all said and done. And have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

At 9:45 p.m., Anonymous Gwen in Bowmanville said...

I dream of having an outlet in the bathroom! You lucky thing.

And I remember when we first bought our little old house, we had one of those converted old cast iron furnaces. According to one of the gas fitters that pulled it out, it was a "three ring" furnace, because the main body was built with three rings, which weighed in at around 600 pounds each. When each one of them came off, I felt it all through the house. CLUNK! The fitter in question also told me that when jobs got ummm, challenging, he whistled. (Something to do with not wanting to use colourful language) So I'd be hearing Bang! (tweet, tweet) Crash! (tweet) clank, (twee-twee-tweet) and then CLUNK! And then I'd hear this little sigh of relief.
When I finally got to go down to inspect the project, there was this tiny little box sitting in the corner of the perfectly undamaged furnace room, and that box has been keeping us warm for the last 14 years. After the oil tank and the old furnace came out, I had a whole 'nother room. Have you figured out what you'll do with yours?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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