Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No knitting possible

I tried working on one of the projects I wanted to have for the KW Fair the other day and was attacked by both Marble and Granite who thought that the yarn should be a play thing for them and to heck with finishing the body of the Celtic Deams/Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed sweater. I will try again on the weekend but might have to resort to locking the cuties in the kitchen.

In any event I will have what I can get done - even unfinished at the show. If you can find me - they have me stuck in the far back corner so you will have to go looking for me. As this is my 5th year, I would have expected a better spot - Grrrr.

I have managed to do some beading and have many stitch markers ready for show - small and medium ones in a variety of semi-precious stones - natural, some reconstituted and some stabilized - all interesting IMHO. I made a Coral and silver necklace for myself too - but the kits were very interested in the bead wire and that was it.

I inaugurated my new light box for photographing stock today - see the Colinette Jitterbug Nearly Solids - photos courtesy of my son Christopher. It was much easier to get the colours right and much easier than fighting with my scanner that consistently reads multiple colours and anything green poorly.

Better I think

Sadly the summer of chamber music has come to an end. Last night's Clarinet Quintets (we played Brahms and Mozart - both fabulous pieces) brought it all to a radiant close. It was truly the summer of Brahms for me - Sextets, Quintets, Piano Quintet and the Clarinet Quintet - all glorious and if you haven't heard them, you are in for a treat if you go and buy CDs of any of them. I think my favourite Brahms is the one I happen to be playing at that moment!

Kittens are well - growing and playing and getting into the kinds of mischief that only a kitten can. Granite on the left and Marble on the right.

How about a weekend of knitting to celebrate Labour Day! Sounds good to me!


At 1:42 p.m., Anonymous Ali said...

I second the knitting motion, but suspect I may have to get a few other things done this weekend since I've completely neglected the house while finishing up knitting sample garments for my LYS!


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