Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quick post since it has been so long!

Disgustingly long since I blogged last.

Many things - both good and bad have been going on

The good:

Music - much Brahms (both string sextets, both string quintets (like the later one better), clarinet quintet, piano quintet) - definitely the summer of Brahms!

Knitting of socks (Sockittome, some socks of the month - August's and what may be September or October's, some lovely merino from Wilton Rd that was a birthday pressie from Ainslie)

Crocheted beaded necklaces - 2 sizes of seed beads - one with extra dangly bits and one without

Knitted wire with beads and stone chips (lapis - better than chocolate and a lovely blue) - little bracelets which my daughter will finish off for me with a toggle or something

Stitch markers .... many many stitch markers (yes - got a little carried away - but small and pretty)

A week off. Many hours were spent at Home Depot choosing light fixtures and tiles and other assorted house related things, but it was a nice week off

Movies - Becoming Jane - loved it, Bourne Ultimatum - loved it, Ratatouille - cute

Reading Jane Austen - inspired by Becoming Jane to buy (yes I have other copies) a full set of her 6 novels and started reading Sense and Sensibility (must read in publication order after all!). Have about 200 pages left of Bleak House too. Must finish before Labour Day

All good

The bad thing:

We lost our Pumpkin Seed - best cat in all the world and brother to Lollipop (who we lost in June). Probable Pancreatic Cancer or Lymphoma. He is missed by all of us. I was there when he was born and there too at the end. 1988 to 2007 - a good long life for a wonderful fellow.


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