Thursday, July 19, 2007

Current obsessions

I have always been a proponent of the cheap (or for red bird that should perhaps be cheep) and chearful stitch markers and a pencil and paper or magnet board for keeping track of rows and pattern repeats.

Not no longer nohow!!!

I bought my first fancy stitch markers from Zero and bethbrown on and am completely obsessed. Since my premier purchases, I have bought more from bethbrown, some from crimsonorchid, HideandSheep and just yesterday - 3 more from Zero. And most of them are in use in my many and various projects that I have on the needles.

Turquoise from bethbrown - small and delicate and perfect for socks
A little larger turquoise - these from Zero - in use on my top down Silkroad DK Tweed sweater

No more small hair elastics for me. I am now a devotee of knitting bling

And then it got worse and I bought a row counter bracelet (actually 2) from crimsonorchid. It is a set of beads on memory wire that works like an abacus. Two rows of beads - a "ones" row and a "tens" row and you just slip a bead past the guard (pretty Swarovski crystals) when you complete a row. You can count up to 99 rows with it and then start over if you go past 100/200 etc. Wear it on your wrist and never lose your spot!

Soft minty green and white from crimsonorchid. This one is counting MysteryStole 3 rows for me

I inaugurated the first one for MysteryStole3 and have gone and bought 2 more.

This one is from HideandSheep and isn't in my grubby hands yet

I have to keep my PayPal account empty to stop me from buying any more

And the stitch markers.... oh the stitch markers.........

More from Zero - bigger and will embelish my sweater projects.

Go see what I mean or if that isn't getting you where I think it is - go to and put stitch markers in the search line.
Can you resist this gorgeousness!!!!


At 12:09 p.m., Anonymous janet said...

Wow, Robyn, you just opened my eyes to a whole new world of gorgeousness. And I was just fine with cheap rubber stitch markers and a plastic row counter from Hobby Lobby. Now I've gotta get me some knitting bling, too.

At 11:15 a.m., Blogger Needles said...

Robyn, your website is a very dangerous place for me. Everytime I look, my stash (and my planned projects list) grows.

And now bling? I'm not sure its entirely fair. Good, but not fair.

At 3:06 p.m., Anonymous Ria said...

That row counter bracelet is a fantastic idea, and it looks really pretty, too! I might have to get a few of my own!


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