Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knitting Kneedles

My first shipment of HiyaHiya needles just arrived (in quick time - thanks Mary!) and I am delighted!

I bought a few samples to try out and a full set of 32inch steel circulars (they are coming out with Bamboo shortly and for the Fall - Ebony and Rosewood MUST HAVE EBONY! MUST HAVE ROSEWOOD too).

Samples are an 11 incher, a 12 incher and 2 steel and 1 bamboo set of dpns. The 11 incher is great - I switched the 12 inch Addi I had in a sock for the 11 and I am very happy to report that the knitting is just as easy (Summertime... and the knitting is easy).

So I ordered a few of the 11s and a set of the 24s. Should be here soon too.

I am finishing up my second sock in Piece of Beauty yarn - colour is Dark Matter. Gorgeous yarn and I see that Kirsty has added a few more lovelies to her shop too. Many colours are sold out - jump on any of her colours - you won't be disappointed.

Tonight is DKC (Downtown Knit Collective) so some simple sock knitting for the trek. Might just have to start something new like this or this or this


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