Sunday, June 03, 2007

Brought to you by the letter A and the colour Purple

Every year, I pick a different colour for the pots and hanging baskets for the front of my house. This year's colour is purple.

This is a pot of mixed perennials and annuals , a departure from my usual just annuals, that hides (tries to hide) my recycling/garbage/green bins:

Tansy, golden oregano, euphorbia, veronica, pansies, purple solanum, a spotted heuchera (seen in the next pic on the left) and a purple leaved geranium

The thought is that I will be able to carry over some of the perennials to next year and use them in the garden or as the basis of next year's version. We shall see..

This is Myles MothBall - a long haired white Turkish Angora (maybe) with blue eyes (no he isn't deaf) - very dog-like and very affectionate. He is huge and a really lovely rescued cat. We are very lucky to have found this guy. He's 2. He retrieves (never tires of it) and sprawls at the window looking out.

In case you thought I had forgotten/neglected Kauni - here it is to the armholes. I have decided to make it a V-neck and will soon be starting the steek for the V. I plan to knit the sleeves from the top down - will reverse the yarn to make some consistency although I am so much enjoying the colour combos that come out naturally.

More garden ornamentation. We are thrilled with this one and only Iris bloom - there were none last year and although the year before was abundant, my fear was that I had lost this one. The blue around the outside is actually a little more cobalty that the picture

Celtic Dreams after Friday's knitting - a little dark and details aren't visible but this is the shoulders and 1 repeat of the pattern for the back. Yarn is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in colour Ivy. A very dark green with lovely red and tan flecks.

And this is Celtic Dreams after Saturday's knitting session - back is done to the armholes, front is almost there. Again, a little hard to see detail - even with a fill-in flash.

Some detail - perhaps - with fill-in flash

Note the liberal use of small hair elastics as markers between patterns. Cheap and colourful!

This posting has been brought to you by the letters A and K (Aran and Kauni) and the colour purple.

Myles meows his greeting and asks why there are no pictures of fish.


At 12:35 p.m., Anonymous Lynne E. said...

Myles is beautiful--and it's great that he's a retriever. Kauni is spectacular!

At 1:52 p.m., Anonymous Gwen in Bowmanville said...

I love the regal colours in this year's flowers -- purple and gold. No one is even going to notice the bins -- you've succeeded in distracting everyone with the beautiful plants.

Myles is a handsome young fella. Maybe a picture, soon, that shows off those beautiful blue eyes?



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