Thursday, April 19, 2007

What have I done!!

Faced with the rather daunting amount of work to be done to prepare for the DKC Frolic and the fact that I have until April 30th to get my bookkeeping finished and off the my accountant in time for him to do my taxes (and he probably would like a few days grace to work on them) on the 28th, most would hunker down and just get it done.

Not me - I shop!

And what have I bought?


And what do I intend to do with it (it being Kauni Effekt in Rainbow)

Do what any sane knitter would do and knit this:

This being Ruth Sorensen's Kauni Cardigan

The pattern is available here

Look under Strikning

And the yarn is available here

Thanks to Joanne Conklin of Keep Talking for finding this gorgeous thing.

I hope it arrives in time to take along to work on in Maryland.


At 3:08 p.m., Anonymous julie said...

And who could blame you? Not me. It's lovely! There is something about knitting a colorwork pattern with a yarn with long, gradual changes that is very satisfying.

At 3:23 p.m., Blogger Knitting Therapy said...

What a lovely sweater! Are you able to read the pattern or will you need to translate? Is that roving or yarn?

Good luck! Please take many pictures and share your progress.

At 7:13 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy cow! That is gor-gee-ous! Shouldn't have followed the links, though...... I have enough trouble on this continent!



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