Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend work

A bit of finishing and some starting went on this weekend chez red bird.

Completed my April Sock of the Month - Party Stripes - a "knock the stripes for a loop" kind of stitch pattern that wobbles the stripes. Done in Meilenweit Party (and will also ship in Colortweed).

Finished another Meilenweit Bosco sample sock - love this yarn and will probably end up doing another colour - that will make 4. Its a great basic sock yarn with a bit of colour interest to it - what could be better!

Finished another size of my summer top in 100% Silk - just have to do the math (just!) and write it up for the show.

Haven't done anything more on the Butterfly Wings - anything more in a forward direction anyway. I tinked back to the end of the 2nd chart and will tackle it again once I have more free time.

Started to swatch for Morigann - in colour Cork - a medium taupe which will look splendid with natural linens. Thinking I would save time, I picked up the recommended size needle and cast on for a sleeve. Time was not saved - it is much too big and I will have to go down at least 0.5mm or perhaps even more to get gauge. I should have known as I ALWAYS have to go down considerably in needle size.

Needless to say, it is ripped out and I will either have to finish something or buy new needles as all of my needles of the size I will need are in use.

Inspired by Wendy's mitred square tunic to pick up the one I started some time ago and have alredy finished 1 more row of squares. Since I have now lost almost 30 pounds, I am glad to say that I am working on it in panels so the size can be easily changed to meet my continuing weight loss (lots more to go - stay tuned for progress).

Pictures will be posted later - am having myself a 4 day weekend. Well if you don't count the work I did this morning and the bookeeping I did all day yesterday while cooking easter dinner, it is almost a 4 day weekend.

Back to mitred squares and Stargate Atlantis Season 1 so that I can start newly acquired Season 2.


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