Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Can it be far away?

In case of the February blahs, add pictures of garden to raise hopes that it won't be long now.

These are all from my garden:

Japanese Painted Fern (before being sqwushed by a bunch of my daughter's friends having a party)

Heuchera - Love those colourful Heuchera (and love to say it too!) - there are 5 more in pots and in my garden (and probably more to come this spring when the garden centres open!)

And my Weeping Cedar which started out as a 50% off discard at the garden centre but is now about 10 feet tall - backed by 2 Japanese Maples that I bought at a Bonsai show for 10.00 bucks each - they are quite happy to be of non- Bonsai size - and the branch peeking into the picture on the left is my Magnolia Stellata which blooms pink and starry on its pretty silver wood and then goes on to present me with beautiful oval leaves.

Yes, I am hungry for Spring!

And becasue this is a knitting blog - weekend knitting:

Finished my Mystery Diamond Shawl in Kid Seta - it is still a blob waiting to be blocked but I will show it to you when done. This is the pattern - done in softest blue :

Started a sock in Melenweith Stretch Cotton in this colour:

And working on (have turned the heel) on this Meilenweit Cotton Fun:

Plus started and almost finished the 2nd chart of this shawl in JaggerSpun Heather - colour Chokecherry:

and back to work


At 1:49 p.m., Anonymous Ali said...

I love heucheras too. Terra Nova has some of the prettiest new ones. www.terranovanurseries.com
My fave is still Green Spice. I ordered a batch of seeds from Richter's at the same time I ordered yarn from you!

At 8:28 a.m., Anonymous Josee said...

Beautiful pics! Love the plant life... we really need to see that about now, especially with another 5cm of snow on the way today in Winterpeg! :)


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