Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weekend Work

Finished my Knitty sock - can't show it to you yet but will do soon. I LIKE it a lot! If I may say so myself. The charts are done and the writing will be done tomorrow.

Then went on to do a sample sock in the new Meilenweit sock yarn - called Bosco. I can't quite get with the name but I like the yarn - the usual Meilenweit goodness in something a little different and a little more subtle:

This one is colour 3511 and I have another one on the needles - #3519 which is a rich brownish red.

Great excitement as my credit card has been charged by Fleece Artist which means something new is coming. I almost called them to ask what it was but they are way too busy for me to bother them about something that will arrive in a day or 2. Patience Robyn Patience!

I'll let you know when I know. It might be Sea Wool (shiver of excitement) which is wool and sea silk. (Another shiver of excitement) or it might be Blue Faced Leicester 2/8 which although not a new yarn still gets me when I open the box

Back to Bosco for me. Have a good rest of the week


At 12:10 a.m., Blogger Ruth said...

Ooooh - I am in love with the Blue Faced Leicester 2/8. I made my mother's colourwork Turkish Scarf out of that in the Sangria colourway (and something else in Lichen, which temporarily escapes me) and it was the happiest bit of knitting I can recall in a long time. It is just a lovely lovely yarn.


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