Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Maryland Sheep and Wool

I know it isn't until May but I just booked my hotel in Maryland for the 2007 version of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and am very excited.

It isn't just the sheep and the bags of lovely fleeces and the vendors with their many temptations and the edibles, it is the general excitement of the fair and its size and the number of people. You can do lots or you can just sit and watch sheep shows and learn a little about the breeds.

I love going and would be very sad to miss this great Festival. This will be my fourth time and I still get a great joy out of thinking about being there.

Fern is progressing - I am about 2 inches into the armholes which I am cutting in a little to make it less drop shouldered. I'm a bit worried that I will have enough yarn - have started the 10th (of 19) ball and will need at least 1 more for the body. The arms are relatively short so I should be OK - fingers crossed.

I stopped for a bit today and worked on the 2nd of a pair of Colinette Cadenza socks in DUSK - (See entry for November 20th for the 1st one). I've worn the Sahara version 3 times now and they are wonderful on the feet!

I am ready for Christmas - really ready for a bit of slacking off and lots of knitting!


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