Thursday, December 14, 2006

Short attention span and multiple projects

I love Fern- I love its twisty stitches and its cute little bobbles and its pretty moving rib up the sides but...

I am getting bored with it. I have made great progress and am about 4 inches from the divide for the sleeves (not steeking this one) but I am itching to start something new.

And that something new is:

Goddess Knits Mystery Diamond Shawl - I'm thinking Centolavaggi - very fine merino lace - in navy or maybe the blue

OR this Goddess Knits too - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - maybe Heather 3/8 or Italian Silk in Forest

Or - this one

Goddess Knits Desert Sun - I see this in Zephyr in Sable or maybe Curry

Now do you see why I am getting restless with Fern

Must finish Fern first

Must finish Fern first

Must finish Fern first


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