Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sally Melville

is a funny, smart, inspiring woman.

Tonight was our (Downtown Knit Collective) guild meeting and a celebration of 10 years of guilding and 10 years since Sally Melville did her first meeting with us. I wasn't a member back then and back then Sally hadn't yet published a book.

Imagine how both have grown - Sally is so well know and has (is it 5) books to her name with many more to come. Members filled the room at the Central (Toronto) Y - some got so excited that they broke a whole row of seats - to hear Sally and to see what she has been working on

Apparently there was to have been a Christmas Knitting Experience to go along with the 3 already released and the 2 left to come (Texture? and Cables?) but artistic differences mean the planned book is now being shopped around to other publishers. Sally is being courted by several apparently but this will mean we won't see the goodies for a year and some.

We did see some of Sally's new designs and I am, again and as always, blown away.

Great, wearable shapes and wonderful colour - as we have grown to expect and a very cute baby version of Sally's Einstein Coat (all dressed up for the Holidays). Worth the wait I believe.

I finished my pair of Colinette Cadenza socks in Copperbeech at the meeting. That's 2 pairs in 1 week! No stopping me now!


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