Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kaffe Fassett sock yarn

Have you heard about these. They are gorgeous and the original idea was floated by my good friend Julia Grunau (she has more energy and ideas than any other 10 people I know!)

Julia just got back from Handarbeit in Gemany and happily reported the European launch of this lovely sockie yarn (and meeting Kaffe Fassett too). Apparently the yarn will be launched at TNNA in June so we should have it shortly after that ( half an hour later in Canada)

And look what came in the mail yesterday. Need I say EXCITED!

Oh so 70s design with a softer colour pallette and oh so excited to see what is going on. Blue Faced Leicester focus this time meaning lots of the soft long woolie BFLs will be there to moon over. Only a few more things to do before I can hop in the car and drive to MD (takes about 12 hours with a stop in Kingston to pick up Ainslie) - taxes, Downtown Knit Collective Frolic - definitely not in my order of preference or in order of amount of fun to be had!

For some reason I am struggling with the beginning of Chart 4 of the Goddess Knits Butterfly Wings Shawl - have had to tink and reknit every right side row so far ( of the 6 I have done) - not putting me in a good mood. I chose Zephyr in Sable for this one - such a beautiful colour and will be gorgeous with summer linens ( if I ever get it finished - it will be up at DKC).

Winter is back - snow on the ground and fingerless mitts on my hands as I type. I am moving some place warmer. Enough already (and we are out of oil so heating is a bit of a challenge - I refuse to fill my tank with oil at the end of the season and they won't deliver anything less than 450Litres. Pooie on them - we will stay warm some other way!!!)


At 9:49 a.m., Blogger Deb said...

sending you warm thoughts...........from Ktown (where we had snow this morning- again!)

At 8:22 p.m., Blogger Michelle B said...

Morrigan and Intoxicating are on my list too. I got a good deal on Calmer in a disc. colour.

Kaffe Sock yarn sounds yummy!!! I'm glad he's back on the knitting a bit more.

Please report lots form Maryland for those of us who won't be going. Will you be bringing Allhemp 6 to Frolic? I want to make Manly Maze.


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