Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Swatching while Intoxicated

Well actually - swatching Intoxication (not at all under the influence) - in Handmaiden SILKEN

Gauge is almost exactly on (I used a 3.75mm needle where the pattern calls for a 4.5mm - I ALWAYS have to go down that much to get gauge!) and the knitting was fairly easy - the boxes are quite easy to figure out where you are - the Maze a little less so (but then I was watching a 2 parter of Stargate Atlantis with much peril and excitment in it) and the lace is about as simple as it gets.

If anything, I would have liked the green to be a little bit stronger but it holds up well against the purple and I love its softness in the lace.

Also worked a bit on what will probably end up being my last sample for DKC - the scarf version of Fiber Trends' Landscape Shawl and Scarf. This is a much under-rated pattern - or at least it was for me until I saw a sample knitted up at Maryland Sheep and Wool last year. The textural play just doesn't come off in the pattern picture but seen live it is brilliant. Scarf-ing is being done in Schaefer Anne - a deep blue with a bit of green and teal in it. Purdy!

Also finished a sample sock in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK - colour Birches and will have it with me at the show. Simple reversible rib (the same simple reversible rib that I have knit the last 5 socks in!) which does nice things with the colour mix.

Did anyone else see the Hippo in the pool on Africam last night! What a sight - watching him slowly climb out of the water and walk away into the dark was such a thrill.

This is the link that I use - the one from Africam.com didn't work for me:


My heart goes out to all of the families affected by yesterday's shoootings. A terrible terrible tragedy. Canada isn't immune - Dawson College most recently, Tabor Alberta and Ecole Polytechnique come to mind and there have been others. How can we stop this before another kid gets shot?


At 7:38 p.m., Blogger Deb said...

Love the Silken-I will have to add THAT to the flippin' list of things I want to make! I have a skein of Cherry Hill Glitz in Birches- and it is quite different- almost completely light cream with the occasional strip or slash of colour. I quite like it, actually.


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