Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Kauni (not) Cardigan is coming along - not a cardigan but rather a v-necked tunic with a garter stitch edge. I am shaping it a little as boxes do not look good on me (not even with 33 fewer pounds!). I am about 5 inches into it and will post a photo in the not too distant future.

Maryland is off, sadly, as my dog Arthur needs surgery which is happening tomorrow. His breathing has been very noisy and I have been concerned about something growing there that should not be but happily there isn't a tumour or anything ugly like that. Instead he has Laryngeal Paralysis which means the flaps which protect his bronchial tubes from getting food in them aren't working properly and not only not letting food in but also not letting air into his lungs - thus the heavy breathing and the surgery requirement. Breathing is a very good thing and the surgery will make it easier for him. Not without risk but not doing it is not an option.

The Frolic was fantastic - lots of yarn, much roving and many patterns didn't come back home with me!

Many knitting celebs came by including Amy Singer who signed all of my copies of No Sheep For You, Jenna Wilson wearing her Rogue, Stephannie Roy, Robin Melanson and Julia Grunau, Fiona Ellis and the Yarn Harlot herself who created a ruckus when a group of women from Detroit recognized her and started an impromptu picture session. We are so lucky to have so many fantastic knitterati in our guild! What a group!

My kids and my niece helped on the day and my nephew also helped on Friday to carry heavy things like shelves and big bags of yarn. What a great team!

Got to get some more stuff inventoried so things are back to normal here. Many bags of yarn still in the living room and the cats want their running track back (living room to dining room around hall and into kitchen then to front hall and careening around back into living room) - mostly all blocked off to keep them out of the yarn right now).

I am thinking maybe Rhinebeck in October to make up for the Maryland-lessness of May. Hmmmh......


At 5:02 p.m., Blogger Deb said...

Oh poor pup. Bear sends as many slurps and rather personal sniffs as he can handle.
Sorry about Maryland.But when our dog people need us.........

At 3:42 p.m., Blogger Janis said...

Aw, I was looking forward to seeing you there. Hope your dog does well!


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