Sunday, May 06, 2007

Doggy care

Babysitting Arthur and making sure he doesn't scratch his stitches (which are staples). His breathing is so much better I keep checking him. From noisy and wheezy and hard panting to quiet snuffles and a few snores as he sleep. He is still a bit wobbly from the anaesthetic but is much perkier today and has asked to go out a couple of times this morning already. Sweet relief!

This weekend is open house for all 3 of my major suppliers so I am hoping to get there either later today or tomorrow to check out all of the new lovlies and patterns. Then the first weekend in June is TNNA which is the major North American trade show. I am booked in at a hotel in Columbus and hope I will make it this year to see some more lovelies that aren't available at the 3 big distributors here.

Then I am hoping to get to Colorado to see my Uncle and Aunt and cousin and also go to Estes Park Wool Market and see my lovely Cormo shepherd from there as well as the Interlacements people to choose some more colours.

Money, time and animals all willing ( not necessarily in that order either).

Kauni (not) Cardigan is almost to the sleeve steeks so good progress has been made. The rest of today will be sock swatching for my SOTM. Stay tuned.

I planted a tree yesterday - a Pyramidal English Oak - Quercus rubra (or it might be ruber) pyramidalis - tall, narrow and sprouting the sweetest lovely fresh green leaves! Scored at Home Depot for a VERY good price. Makes me feel very grounded and stable to plant a tree.


At 8:51 a.m., Anonymous Gwen in Bowmanville said...

What a lovely thing to do -- planting extra fresh air for a poochie who can breathe freely now!

Safe travels, no matter how far you go.



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