Thursday, October 11, 2007

OMG - I forgot to tell you

the most exciting thing on the planet ....

I am going to Rhinebeck and I leave a week today!!!

Having missed Maryland Sheep and Wool in May, I feel it only right and proper that I go to the New York version but I have been so far into the renos and work that it only just now struck me how soon Rhinebeck is!

Spinning mojo is in great danger of coming back after a Rhiney visit and I can dust off my Lendrum and maybe spring for a Woolly Winder to make it really impossible not to spin.

Knitting mojo must also be out there somewhere but it is looking pretty good for getting Kauni out and going again

House progress:

Plugs all updated and all grounded
Pigtails (temporary bare light bulb lights) installed in the bedrooms - which is the first time there have been overhead lights in there !
Outside plugs x 3 - 2 of which are protected while in use and 1 protected as long as there is nothing plugged in - did you know there were such things? I didn't
Boiler (furnace thingy that heats the water that circulates in the rads) and new hot water heater are in and being connected by the most interesting series of valves and elbow joints this side of the space shuttle. The poor man who is installing it has to take frequent brain breaks as it is so complicated. Here's hoping nothing leaks!

More to come! Knitting too I hope


At 3:28 p.m., Anonymous Gwen in Bowmanville said...

Rhinebeck and a new boiler? I'm envious.

Have a great time in NY.

At 6:57 p.m., Anonymous Josée said...

I hope everything turns out ok with the new boiler and water heater... poor guy!

And Rhinebeck? How I wish I could tag along... lucky you!


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