Tuesday, February 03, 2009


There are a couple of fibres that really turn my crank


Cormo wool

Wensleydale Longwool

Blue faced Leicester


Mohair and silk

and the greatest of these is...


Cashmere makes me drool

Cashmere makes me want to do nothing but fondle it

Cashmere can be pretty darned expensive

But now and then along comes a deal - got a bunch from my supplier who gave me a bit of a discount

Lang Cashmere is delicious and I now have a bunch of colours and just ordered more!

A friend of mine is knitting a camisole from Knitting Lingerie Style in a beautiful ice blue (1 of the colours I have re-ordered) and I am going to knit a hat for my daughter (allergic to wool but happily can wear cashmere)

I drool!


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