Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Socks and more socks

Much sock knitting happening here - partly for my sock of the month club and partly to replenish my dwindling stock of personal socks.

I have lost a pair of Regia Jacquard in purple to the washing machine - loved those socks but they have a huge hole in the side - not even in the heel - so to repair them I would first have to dig through my leftovers and find the last of the yarn ( tis the pretty purple version) and then pretty much re-knit the whole foot. Not likely!

Then my beloved and only pair of Koigu socks that I knit long ago in the first summer after I started Red Bird (that would be August of 2000) and they have developed a big heel hole. Must fix that pair as they are a glorious shade of purple too.

I guess the purple ones come out of the sock drawer first and get worn the most!

Here is Curlicue - my January Sock of the Month:

It is knitted in the lovely Lana Grossa Meilenweit Seta Cashmere - charcoal grey and a very light silver grey.

All of my previous mosaic socks have been 1 motif with a few highlights. This one sports 3 (4 if you count the trim) different motifs and the instep is a mirror image of the ankle.

I particularily enjoy mosaic knitting since it is so simple to do and becasue you only use 1 colour at a time it makes for a not too thick sock (stranding be gone!)

Personal socks in Andante - my December SOTM - out of this are on my feet. Warm and cosy and the bright colour is perfect for the dull snowy day outside:

It is also Lana Grossa Meilenweit but this time is Magico - nice thick stripes of colour with short highlight broken stripes.

And another pair of this:

Which is some leftover Regia Kaffe Fassett Landscape. This one I knit in my Feather and Fan and the stripes are just narrow enough that each pattern line starts at a new colour. I likey!

I plan 2 more pairs before my mini sock marathon is done - another Regia Fassett one - ths time the variegated version in reds - again in Feather and Fan and something else that I haven't decided on yet but it will be bright!

Stay warm - its going down to -21 C here tonight - I won't be sticking my nose into that although I do have a quartet booked to play tonight - I am hoping it won't be that cold when we are en route.

And then there is the snow.......

Cheers and go and have a cup of tea


At 1:34 p.m., Anonymous Pat said...

I just had a beloved Koigu pair die too :-(
The new sock is ingriguing and beautiful - looks like a fun knitting experience - I think my quarterly plan is perfect since I just finished Latvian Dances in time for this new one!

At 11:29 a.m., Blogger Jody said...

Your Curlicue sock is lovely! I am freezing my a** off here in Peterborough too!!


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