Monday, October 27, 2008

More shawls

Finished my Norwegian Woods Shawl and blocked it (pictures to come). I love the purpley goodness of the Grignasco Merino Silk and there is enough left over from the 1 skein to make a scarf. Love that 1.4Km of yarn!

Started working on a variation of the Danish Tie Shawl. I have a few triangular ones that I have knitted for myself in Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 and I plan to work up the pattern in both triangular and tie shawl versions.

I am doing the tie version in Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch as I love the subtle variation in colour (#721)
It changes from deep greyed blue through to a bit of teal.

I have 2 balls of this colour and I might add a border in a contrast colour - something blendy with some earthy tones to it. Will see as I go.

Last weekend, I started another version of my Silk Garden Sock vest. This time in more earthy tones (#245) and am on the braided waist band:

Here is a glamour landscape shot of the peplum and waistband so far. The cabling is delicious but I am finding it a bit hard on the hands thus the start on the other Tie-Shawl

Have a great week everyone!


At 12:20 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yum...gorgeous ! Bring to next DKC for a look see.

At 12:44 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I will try this again!!

Neat I received my sock of the month

- can't wait to start it -can't wait

great pattern and wool.

Hugs Mary Ann I

At 6:37 a.m., Blogger varun said...

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