Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall signs in spades

I got out my camera yesterday and spent some time in the garden

These have been blooming nearly all summer and are still going strong - Gaura Pink Butterflies. Very pretty but they have a tendency to sprawl so would be better staked.

Visiting mourning dove taking advantage of some spilled bird seed beside the house:

My Viburnum plicatum - Doublefile Viburnum is starting to show signs of Fall colour:

And so is my neighbour's Euonymous elatus - Burning Bush - which is definitely beginning its burn

Lots of berries - these are the Virginia Creeper that has pretty much taken over the shed in the back (my neighbour 2 houses up planted it years ago and now I can't get rid of it but it does have its advantages - covering the ugly shed is one and its fall colour is the other):

And another volunteer tree - maybe a Hawthorn although I have never tried very hard to identify it and have never seen it with so many berries. The birds don't eat these:

Caryopteris bought a few weeks ago at Home Depot is blooming. It is bluer that this and the leaves are silver - quite lovely and a fantastic colour particularly at this time of year when everything seems to be orange or rust

A macro shot of its tentacles - would make a great looking alien I think

Cimicifuga racemosa or snakeroot/bugbane blooming in spite of it being nearly crowded out by other plants. This was one of the most expensive perennials I have ever bought - cost me $25.00 for 1 plant about 15 years ago - can't remember ever spending that much on a single plant before or since:

Cornus kousa - the one last sputnik left

Acer palmatum or Acer japonicum in the back right by my deck - ready to make more acer babies

Ready for his close up - very narrow depth of field - look at the next one for a slightly different version of the same shot

And one of my favourite plants - Anemone japonicum or Japanese Anemone - blooms from August through the Fall in pink - there is also a white version.

Ancient apple tree across the street.

Heavily laden with apples that will pretty much all end up squished on the street and ferment making for a scent of apple cider for the next few weeks.

Fall indeed!

Shots taken with my Nikon D70s and my 105mm macro lens.


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