Monday, August 25, 2008

Many projects

Many projects started lately and a few pics to show

Am enamoured of the new Noro Silk Garden Sock and chose colour #84 to do some small projects to try it out

This started out as a sock - my Feather,Vine and Shale pattern - Feather and Fan Version but was so pretty that I turned it into a fingerless mitten instead

The colours move from taupe and pumpkin through to green pink and fuchsia. The pair of mitts isn't really a pair since the colour changes are so long but I like them.

And with what was left of the first ball (a lot!), I started something modular (yes another modular project - love it and you can size it as you go!) that is turning out to be a vest!

I started with a row of squares and then added a braided cable. I plan to continue with the squares and border the neck and front and armholes with the same braid. Am into the 2nd ball and think it will take perhaps 4 for the whole thing.

Stealth shots

The left front - loving the colours!

And one of my other projects started recently - this one is in Hemp4Knitting's AllHemp6Lux - the Italian spun version of their wonderful AllHemp6. colour is "Gin"

The washed swatch:

The body - knit in the round and shaped by decreases each time the pattern changes - about 2 1/2 inches apart
And a close up of the unblocked body

The yarn has a very pleasing firmness and does not split at all

Love love love


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