Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whistle while you work

I don't whistle but I do listen to music while I am working away at my lovely new built in desk - custom built for me by my wonderful contractor Matt.

When CBC Radio2 announced major changes to its programming I went in search of something else. CFMX (96.3FM here in Toronto) was my first attempt but it seems to play lighter classics and I have heard Chopin Piano Concerto #2 at least 4 times in the short time I have listened to it. Not quite what I am looking for.

I can get WNED-FM (94.5FM) in my car but not on the system in my house. They also have streaming audio so I tried tuning in via computer and have loved what I am hearing. I like my classical music with a bit of history and an educational component to it and WNED is fulfilling those needs in spades.

They even have a request show (I asked for the Faure Piano Trio and am hoping they will play it today).

Some sputnik like pods from my newly planted Cornus Kousa (Japanese Dogwood). I guess it likes it here!

Finished another row of squares on my Silk Garden Sock vest - great colours


At 4:40 p.m., Blogger Cyndi in BC said...

Hi Robyn, thanks for the radio station suggestion! Here's a couple more internet radio links that you might find interesting:

http://www.181.fm/ I like the Classical Guitar link on this one. Just scroll down on the left and under Easy Listening they've got several classical links to choose from.


http://accuradio.com/ has several good classical links to listen to.

I still like to listen to CBC Radio One and Two for some programs but it's nice to have other options too. :)


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