Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Garden progress

Lots of pictures of the garden so far. The previous owners had done some great things - 3 mature trees - a copper beech in the front and a pyramidal mountain ash and a sugar maple in the back so I have some shade and some protection from the winds here in Stratford.

I have been focussing mostly on getting rid of the grass but have planted some pots and a few things as added colour.

There is a good perennial bed in the back which is all in bloom at the moment and is very pretty. I have added an obelisk and some twisted stems to support a clematis

Water garden at the back steps with Papyrus, water hyacinth, water lettuce and Houttounyia

First of the tomatoes in a pot on the back porch:

Shasta daisies in the back by the shed:

David Austin's Leander brought from the old house and now happily blooming and putting out new shoots. I love this rose and there was no way I was leaving it behind!

Annual planter by the side door - there are 2. I was going for pretty!

Mulberry prunings! I hate weeping mulberry and this one was neglected with a ton of dead branches and hanging almost to the ground. My plan was to cut it down until I saw a severely pruned one on a garden tour on the weekend. On Monday I started to transform it!

Stem partially exposed now:

Interim step - there is still much more pruning to go but it actually looks much better already:

Love this rock - Jasper from Colonial Brick and Stone. It weighs 320lbs!

Mulch and tumbled granite and part of the dry river bed at the very front of the front with more Jasper in the background. this was grass once upon a time but with lots of newspaper and black mulch the grass is gone gone gone:

Daylilies at the back:
A pot of coleus and potato vine at the end of the driveway (people seem to love the big asphalt driveways here - easier to plough in the winter I guess - but butt ugly)

Perennial bed in the centre of the back. All of this was here already except for the metal obelisk (a present from my daughter on a Mother's Day a year or 2 ago) and the twisted metal stems for a Clematis Niobe that I added this spring (not showing much action yet):

Sweet Marble at the landing:

Looking cute!

More pictures to come!


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