Thursday, July 15, 2010


Potential number one:

A place for a Hosta 'Frances Williams'

Was a Centaurea montana (which is a flagrant self-seeder)

Potential Number Two:

Lots of lumber to be turned into my fence.

The boards are almost 9 feet long so cutting a 5 ft and a 4 ft will give me fence boards galore. There are 92 boards - the majority of which will be re-usable. Lots of 2 by 4s to be re-used too!

It was a wall at the back of the property - 4 ft in from the property line and encroaching on the church next door. Bad planning! (not by me)

Potential Number Three:

Will become a perennial/shrub bed with the addition of lots of compost and topsoil

Was a rotting, smelly old shed that everyone tells me had been there for " a while".

The posts from the wall. They will stay (except for the one that is on church property - far left) and will become supports for a variety of climbing things. It is quite shady so I will be doing my research!

The cedars that were planted behind the wall (!) will stay except any that are broken/misshapen and need to be moved for fence post holes

Invasive plant to be avoided! Houttounyia It lines the east side of my house:

Mulberry after its hair cut. Still looking at it and it might lose some more hair:

Lovely lovely Eryngium - Sea holly - about to bloom. I planted this just a few weeks ago and I am VERY happy it is happy and blooming

Oh yes, and a sock! this is July's SOTM - Nuppy. Knitted in lovely Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Color Commentary series - colour is Ysolda's Red


That is all


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