Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend progess but no knitting

My kids and my DD's boyfriend were here for the weekend so there was not much planting done by me and no knitting at all

I did manage to plant a Hosta Frances Williams, a June and 2 Great Expectations at the front in the spot I dug the Centaurea from the other day

Post holes were dug (but not by me) and design decisions made on the east part of the fence to be:

a privacy screen made of lattice in a 2 by 4 frame by the house plus some metal (possibly chain link depending on prices) and the wooden fence towards the back.

Went to the Golden Retriever national specialty for a short time on Friday and Saturday and got re-acquainted with Montana's family - what a great bunch of dogs (and their people!). His brother, father, aunt, grandmother and great uncle were all here and competing. Wonderful to see!


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