Thursday, July 22, 2010


My just arrived Clematis Snow in Summer! I am very excited and am looking forward to its long bloom season and vigorous growth. It has a small 6 petalled flower and was fabulous in my previous garden so am hopping it will like it here too

Hostas are in (Frances Williams at the rear, June in the middle and 2 Great Expectations at the front). the Hosta on the right was already here and is growing very well

Pretty Rudbeckia is blooming now and lots more to come

Almost ready! My first full sized tomato - this is Big Boy I think - I planted 3 varieties and this is the 1st to ripen

I have a visitor! She is a little uncertain but has a room to herself for now so she can settle in. There is much hissing under the door so far. Her name is Madam and she belongs to my niece and her partner:

Marble being cute as usual:

Myles wonders what all the noise is about:

Anyone know what this is - it is growing very vigorously in the front garden in full shade and so far hasn't shown any buds. I thought maybe Tansy but no blossoms to be sure

It's a great ground cover whatever it is


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