Friday, July 17, 2009

Spinning again

Dragged my wheel out (Lendrum Traveller Double Treadle) after a long hiatus (finished the homework for a spinning course 4 years ago and put it on a shelf from which 1 of my builders knocked it off! - seems ok - just a scratch)

Started spinning some Lincoln I had bought in the fleece at Maryland in 2008 (and had processed at Frankenmuth) and got about 1/8th of a bobbin full when the footman broke (it is a plastic tube about 1/2 and inch thick). Duct taped that one and then the other one broke - More duct tape and the original 1 pulled apart.

After some calls I got replacements (Lise Noakes at The Yarn Source) and picked them up on Sunday on my way down to see puppies (See previous post) and with the help of my brother's screwdriver (and after undoing everything to untangle the drive band that I had somehow managed to get into the wrong position) I am spinning again!

1 bobbin down - many more to go. The lincoln is a lovely medium dark slightly greyish brown. I am planning to spin enough to make myself a rustic, warm sweater. At my rate it may take a while but I will post progress (and pics) from time to time

Spin spin spin


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