Monday, May 11, 2009

Maryland oh Maryland

Maryland Sheep and Wool was cold and rainy this year but it didn't matter at all. it was wonderful to be there!

I didn't buy much - but did pick up 7 skeins of Autum House Farm's Finnean's Rainbow in an interesting mix of a goldy brown, mauve and purple. I found it on Sunday morning before the crowds arrived so I was actually able to get into most booths (not The Fold - they had a mesh up and several grumpy looking patrons who gave me the evil eye when I walked in front of themjust to take a look at the STR - I still don't get the frenzy and the long lines!)

There were 3 skeins of 1 colourway and 2 of another that seemed to work well together (and the price was right) so I bought all 5 plus a solid in a deeper purple to make a border (probably a Shetland lace border with a bit of ruffle - there is lots of yarn to do that)

And here is the beginning of the shawl - a simple diamond pattern that won't fight with the colour variations.

It was so cold on Sunday that I ended up wrapping a couple of skeins around my neck to stay warm - looked like and idiot I am sure but at least I was a warm idiot.

The highlight again this year was the Parade of Breeds. What an amazing array of sheep! And again this year there was a lamb who entertained with her/his antics.

No sheep pictures - it was always pretty dark in the barns and I hadn't brought my flash.

Wonderful! And well worth the drive (1,000Kms each way - about 600 miles)

Next up is Rhinebeck which isn't as sheepy but has lots of interesting vendors


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