Monday, March 23, 2009


I've seen these little red squirrels at the cottage but this is the first year I have seen them in my city garden. Hooray for the little guys!

Noisy though - this guy was screeching at something for several minutes - cat perhaps...

Not a very prepossessing bird until you see him basking in the sun. These guys (Grackles) were hit hard with West Nile a few years ago and are slowly making a comeback. They are noisy and a bit thuggish but I am still glad to see several of them in the garden

And these fellas make my heart sing - Goldfinches in their winter clothes still

See the flash of yellow on his wing:

And another one who was hit hard by WN - this gorgeous guy:

Arthur snuffling in the ground looking for something interesting:

Arthur turned 14 on March 14th! We are very lucky

All taken with my Nikon and my 70 to 300mm lens - handy for garden pics


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