Monday, June 08, 2009


Ainslie and I were talking about our gardens the other day and I was trying to tell her about the various things in my garden but of course, a picture is worth a thousand words ... so here are a thousand pictures instead

Violas on the porch in a Mother's Day gift from a few years ago - planted them April 1st and had to cover them a few times in both April and May (so cold this Spring)

Weigela finally blooming again after a severe pruning 2 years ago:

Viburnum plicatum looking lush this year:

I love my orange pansies:

Marble wants to know what I am doing outside without him ( and Bunny doesn't care)

Front of my house showing the Cornus mas the city planted 16 years ago that still looks more like a bush than a tree - and the Japanese Maple behind it that we moved from the back to make way for the deck:

Geraniums being geranium-like (these are the perennial Geraniums not the blousy annuals that need a lot of sun - these take shade):

Geese geesing:

Volunteer Euphorbia that is spreading itself around the garden in a very pleasing way:


My sweet little Cornus kousa - I've long wanted one of these and am delighted that it seems to like it where I planted it last year and is giving me a multitude of blooms (actually not blooms but let's not get too technical)

Brunnera looking forget-me-not like. This is the green one:

And the silver Brunnera that isn't blooming as much as the green version:

Home Depot made these - I just added the iron basket:

Another Geranium spending time with Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle) - both are great favourites and do well in my front and back gardens - these are in front:

Dappled willow (which is actually a little peachier that the picture shows) with Heuchera that may be Marmalade but I have lost the tag. The Heuchera is in a pot (and seems happier there that most of my Heucheras that are in the ground):

That is all for now

Knitting next time


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