Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was rather disappointed with Noro's offering of Kureyon Sock. I resisted buying it at all for a while and finally succumbed because of the colours. I was never particularly successful in knitting a satisfactory sock from it - tried a fair isle pattern but it ended up too thick ( and would have been too expensive for my Sock of the Month club). I did knit a wrap shawl for a few balls of it in garter stitch and that is fairly successful - and warm but I don't even carry it it any more.

I do however, like their Silk Garden Sock - and have knitted a modular vest from this colour:




And knitted a sock in this colour:

It is also modular with accents of black. Pictures to come once I have finalized the design.

The first result was too big so I am adjusting the gauge and doing it in this colour:

Recognize it? Yes, it is the same as the vest

Why fiddle with what works

I am happy with this one and will be photographing it and posting it to my website shortly

Happy knitting everyone


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