Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Has Postses etc

A storm brought down my tomatoes which were supported on 3 bamboo stakes (bamboo from my old garden!) and I lost about 3/4 of my crop. After untangling and retying to twisty metal tomato stakes (who'd a thunk they would actually be used for tomatoes one day) the plants are recovering.

There is a Lemon Boy (low acid, quite fleshy not too seedy), an orange one (juicy!) and a red one (not much flavour):

This is David Austin Leander - the buds open tangerine and fade to pink as they mature - not sure where the spots come from - haven't seen them before:

Pot of Coleus, potato vine and some added pots of Gerbera stuck into the original pot. The Gerberas have been disappointing as the original 6 plants stopped blooming over a month ago:

One post!

More posts!

The 1st picture shows how perfectly the posts were set - as you sight down the line you see only the 1 post.

Now all I need are the parts in between and I might be able to let the dog out!


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