Thursday, February 09, 2006

Done and blocking

Not a how to - just a big sigh of relief that my spinning project is finished. I am late - and will lose 10% for the privilege but I just couldn't get it all finished for yesterday- cast off the last stitch in the wee small hours.

I spun the prettiest fluffy white skeins for the project and acutally did way too much as I thought that it was to be 150 to 200g instead of what it really said - 150 to 200 metres. As a result I ended up ripping out about 4 inches of it to make it inside the lines.

Instead of making something up, I used Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl a pattern that I have knit before (in Hand Maiden Lace Silk no less). What a great pattern it is - easy to follow, rythmic and very very pretty. I like it for hand dyed yarns - the simple geometry of the leaves doesn't fight with the colour of the hand dye.

Anyway, the great white wonder (white Romney Rambouillet cross lamb that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool last year from the shepherd) is drying now, stretched out with blocking wires. Had I had time, I would have dyed the skeins but the white is good for now.

I should be more excited as this is the first thing I have actually made from my own spinning! But I am just glad to have it done! I learned a lot from the course and the homework. Will O go back next summer for Level 2 - I don't know yet and don't need to decide yet.

Now - on to Olympic Knitting - will I do Henry VIII (Alice Starmore and absolutely gorgeous) or will I be more sensible and be challenged into finishing all of (or some of) the projects I have going on already. I am reluctant to start something new knowing that Mermaid, Fern (Starmore), an intarsia cardigan, an Isager sweater (Congo), a Hoxbro poncho (poncho - aren't they OUT now - better rip that one out and find something else to do with the very dark charcoal - how about a plain Mermaid!!!!) a design for cotton socks.... you get the point no doubt.

"Talk"to you later.


At 12:29 a.m., Anonymous Virginia said...

Just visited your blog for the first time, ran down the entries and saw this shawl. It is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Love the red edging on it. It lifts it beyond the ordinary.


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