Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Silk silk and more silk

BIG box of HandMaiden arrived yesterday as expected. Shiny, silky and lovely and very hard not to move some into my stash but I was very disciplined and scanned it all in and shelved it without shifting any to the personal stash shelf.

Started a new sample in Silk Floss - Kiri shawl which I have already knit a version of in Madil Kid Seta in black. The Silk Floss is colour Woodland which is taupey and bluey and I think is my new favourite colour. It is working out well in Kiri as it is a simple geometric with quite a bit of stocking stitch to show off the colour. I am liking it! Will post a picture once I scan it in.

Kiri can be found here

As a vendor and a pattern designer I am a bit 2 minds on the issue of free patterns - I feel that we should support the designers who make their livings designing and above all avoid copying patterns but when mags like Knitty and designers like Polly (I think that's her name) put out fantastic patterns that are free, they also deserve my support. I can't sell them but I can point you to them. I will also support designers like Dorothy Siemans (Fiddlesticks Knitting), Sivia Harding, Lucy Neatby, Fiona Ellis, Sally Melville, Ilga Leja, (all of those are Canadian) and Fiber Trends, Jackie Erickson Schweitzer (Heartstrings) and the many others whose patterns you will find on my website.

I am also going to do another sample of Leaf Lace Shawl (Fiber Trends). I knit one in Hand Maiden Lace Silk that is gorgeous and also want to do another in Angel Hair. Another simple geometric design to show of the colours. I will scan in a small sample of the Lace Silk version that is already done.

Now to a few more Kiri rows


At 9:31 p.m., Blogger Heather said...

Don't forget to add your own designs to that list! I'm always astounding the details that go into your sock patterns!


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