Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back to my knitting

With a show coming up in April (DKC - Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre - April 22nd) my thoughts turn from my personal knitting projects to knitting samples.

As well as the 4 (3 Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist and 1 Fiddlesticks) garments I am also part way through the glorious Fiddlesticks Peacock Shawl in Admiral Zephyr.

At the moment it looks like a lump of blue but through the miracle of blocking it will turn into the glory in blue that it is.

Many sample socks on the go too - Mega Boots Stretch is turning out to be quite an interesting ombred deeper brown through rich red with a hint of orange. It doesn't look like the ball at all.
Other sample socks are coming in Meilenweit green blue(2523), Inca(1525), multiringels (5121 - pinky and 5110 - green, pink yellow & orange).

Sweet relief that all of my sale orders are processed, packaged and in the hands of Canada Post!


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