Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend of knitting and frogging

I love weekends! Long hours stretching out before you just begging to be filled with lots of knitting and swatching and more knitting .... and then there's the frogging....

First the knitting.

Finished Magico sock in greens - very pretty and very much my colours

Started another Mega Boots Stretch sock - this was a sample ball that my supplier gave me. I am half way down the heel flap (this one is a top down - the Magico was a toe up). Lovely rich pumpkin with changing ply of green to yellow to bright orange to mauvey taupe.

I sketched out a summer top a month or 2 ago when I was working on Congo (see Olympic knitting projects). My plan was to make it modularly from the neckband then on to the body and finish up with side panels in Scheepjes Cotton8. I have done the neckband (twice actually - didn't like it in white sticking stitch so did it again in soft yellow) and in garter stitch in a mitred circle with a deeper "V" at the front and a more gentle sloping back neck.

I am knitting the body vertically in garter stitch (think "Mermaid") in a V that connects to the neck band and tapers from just under the arm to centre front (and back) at about the waist.

The yarn is lovely to knit with - have only done socks with it before - should have known it would drape beautifully.

The colours are:
Soft and pretty

Then the frogging - I'm frogging Peacock Feathers as I messed up somewhere and it is tink back for hours or just frog and start over. I will be useing a safety line next time as I have had a couple of problems. The pattern isn't the problem (Dorothy's patterns are fantastic!), it is definitly my brain (in spite of those fabulous stitch markers)

Just finishing up my Basket Case pattern - double checking the directions and getting it ready to print out tomorrow

Have a great week everyone!


At 5:56 p.m., Anonymous Karen said...

Robyn, this is gorgeous work! I look forward to seeing your yummy summer top in all its mellow glory.

Cheers and regards.


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