Sunday, March 19, 2006

That WAS the week that was!

What a week! Busily crazy or crazily buzy plus trying to finish up my Basket Case pattern that did not want to cooperate plus DKC meeting to hear the lovely Fiona Ellis and get her to sign my copy of Inspired Cables and see the models for the book, several of which I am now lusting over! Plus a meeting with one of my favourite agents - the one who reps Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist and now also Nashua (great classic fantastics - maybe Fall 2006 for me) and the lovely Hemp for Knitting.

Wanting to have something new and fun for this spring summer and DKC, I ordered a bunch of the DK weight 100% Hemp and Lana's great summer top patterns. I am hoping to borrow a few sample garments to have for DKC so you can see them in person. Nice stuff!

A bit more progress on samples for DKC and have worked out a lacey sock pattern but it has been mostly wrestling with Basket Case so not a great deal of knitting done this week. My fingers feel the lack of a project in their little selves so I will sign off now and tend to my knitting.

Rumour has it that Hand Maiden yarns are on their way but no sign of them yet - perhaps early this week - I hope I hope I hope.

Happy week to you all!

Oh and I saw Brokeback Mountain - Did you see all those SHEEP! Anyone know what breed they are? What other movie directed by Ang Lee features sheep - "period"sheep no less? Great flick by the way - Brokeback that is (the other one too)


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